scanning devices, What Scanning Devices are Right for You?, CopyLady, CopyLadyChoosing scanning devices for your business can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure how heavy your traffic is.

That’s why Copylady formulated a scale of scanning devices so that you can read about each device in depth.

Now, you’ll have the insight you need to make the right choice. We want you to feel confident you’ve found the perfect fit for your business.

To find the right fit, you’ll first want to pinpoint where you fall on the scale of scanners.

What’s a scale of scanners?

A scale of scanners places our different scanners into categories. These categories put them anywhere from basic scanners to production line scanners.

We cover all bases, so no matter how heavy the workflow that flows through your office, we offer the equipment to help you get the job done.

You might be wondering what the categories are…

Network Scanning Devices

We begin with Network scanning devices. Internet-based companies that are looking to improve efficiency would benefit the most from network scanning devices. Scanning stations like Scan Station 500 or Scan Station 700 will put your company ahead of the competition.

The Scan Station 700 is an innovative scanner that incorporates a seamless connector, project archiver, instant messenger, intuitive touchscreen, simple network setup, and robust remote management.

This scanner goes above expectation and can easily become your new information manager.


Desktop scanning devices sit conveniently at your front desk.

These scanners appear as lightweight, but they pack a heavyweight kick.

Different features allow you to scan documents, business cards, images in HD quality. You’ll find that processing information is easier and moves at rapid speed to keep traffic steadily moving throughout your day.


If your company operates on a collection of departments that come together to make a singular product, then you might consider departmental scanning devices.

Departmental scanners are built to deliver efficiency and protect your scanned documents. Protecting your scanned documents is especially important in a larger setting. Since documents are traveling to and from multiple locations, you want to be sure that your information—and more importantly your customers information—is safe.


For high-demand companies, Copylady offers a production line of scanning devices. These transformer-like scanning devices are equipped for paperwork war!

Scanners like the i1860 scanner are able to crank out 200 pages in a single minute. You’ll find that chaos turns into comfort with these scanning devices, as they’re built for optimal productivity.

In the Meantime

While you decide on the right fit for your company, you can utilize scanning devices from your phone.

That’s right, there are scanning apps that you can download and use as a quick-fix scanning device. You take the picture with your phone and the app automatically converts the image into a PDF file.

Codylady’s Scale of Scanners

Our scanners take the pressure off your shoulders so you can focus on important decision-making and management. Check out our showroom for selections.

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