Compared to larger companies, small companies consider ease of use to be a top criterion for selecting a product or vendor for their organization. This blog post will discuss that trend, as well as how it ties into the procurement of print devices and services.

Ease of use by the numbers

A recent Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends survey showed that 54% of U.S. companies with fewer than 50 employees consider “ease of use & consistent front panel structure” to be a top feature for selecting a product or vendor—outside of device features. This compares to just 37% of all companies.

This could relate to the fact that small companies are less likely to have an IT person on staff, making the need for straightforward technology particularly important.

As shown in the chart below, price is also a leading concern for small companies. Price is tied to ease of use as a user-friendly product can result in lower costs in areas like IT outsourcing and employee training.

Besides device features, what are the most important buying criteria for selecting a product or vendor for your organization? Please select the top 3.

 Small Companies Highly Value Ease of Use, Small Companies Highly Value Ease of Use, CopyLadySmall Companies Highly Value Ease of Use, Small Companies Highly Value Ease of Use, CopyLady

Source: Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research

How ease of use ties into print devices and services

When it comes to print devices, ease of use can be achieved through a large, responsive, and well-organized touchscreen that enables easy programming and initiation of print, scan, copy, and fax jobs. It can also be fostered through a straightforward PC print utility and/or print driver, simple printing from mobile devices, and hassle-free setup. Customers can seek out brands that are known to provide a user-friendly experience, and/or try out the devices before purchasing them.

Print services include printer repair, maintenance, and consulting provided by a third-party company. A technician that can configure the device and supporting software in such a way that it can easily be used will be appreciated by customers. Furthermore, the better this individual can explain how to use the device, the greater the likelihood no issues will be encountered.


Small businesses place a strong emphasis on the ease of use of print devices and their front panel structures. This is likely related to the fact they are less likely to have an IT person on staff to troubleshoot device issues. Small businesses are encouraged to seek out print devices that have truly been designed with the user experience in mind, as well as vendors that are focused on the usability of a device.