Integrated User Accessibility

Kyocera recognizes the responsibility to provide products that meet the needs of everyone, regardless of disability or challenge.




Below are just a few features that demonstrate Kyocera’s commitment to providing exceptional accessibility:


.Universal Design Concept allows products to be accessible to most users
.Audible sounds can be enabled at the control panel for the vision-impaired
.Paper drawers are designed so that very little force              (less than 5 lbs. of pressure) is required to use them
.Paper drawers have handles that can be grasped on top or bottom for effortless access
.Easy to use touch-screen interface and raised hard keys on the control panel for the vision-impaired
.Accessibility Mode on select MFPs allows for the touch-screen (copy/send screens only) to be enlarged for easier reading
.Adjustable control panels on select MFPs provide better positioning for any user
.High contrast text and light-up indicators on devices for easier recognition and viewing