HIPPA compliance, How to Ensure Your Copier is HIPAA Compliant, CopyLadyIs your copier HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA regulations are strict and unforgiving. Of course, this is all in good reason. HIPAA protects an individual’s right to privacy. As mandated by law, individuals information must be highly secured.

So, how can you ensure your copier is HIPAA compliant? There are a few ways to ensure that your copier is secure.

What to look for…

Here are the major points to verify in your copier for HIPAA compliance:

Know your product.

Don’t be swindled into false marketing. There is no copy machine that is specifically built to abide by HIPAA regulations. But, you can tailor your copiers to model and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Enforce Security.

You don’t want everyone in the office to be snooping around sensitive documents. It’s important to protect your information by restricting access to your copier. Set up authentication. This would require personnel to swipe their ID badge. Another option is to have them type in their credentials to access information. This records who has accessed documents, when they accessed it, and from what device they signed in on. This extra level of security makes tampering with information almost impossible.

More Security.

Security is the main concern when maintaining HIPAA compliance. Breaches in security can cost companies millions of dollars! So go the extra mile to ensure the security of documents. Doing so can prevent a very unpleasant future disaster. Stay on top of the game and install data encryption to protect saved files from being hacked or stolen. Data encryption is great for products with a disk drive.

Manage Documents.

Record management is vital for HIPAA compliance. Instruct your staff not to leave important documents unattended. Also, tell staff to protect sensitive information from others in the office. This is particularly important for staff that work at a front desk.


Be sure you have the right copier for your office and business. We want to ensure that you and your company are working at your highest potential and efficiency. That’s why we bring our clients high-quality equipment that is secure and lasting. Give us a call at (239) 939-5383 for more information!