office decor, How Decor Improves Office Environment, CopyLady, CopyLadyYour decor speaks volumes to your office environment. In fact, every piece of decor in your office says something about your company, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Be aware of what message you are giving your clients. Hone in on the details and make rearrangements to ensure that you’re presenting your best self to your clients.

Did you look around and discover a bare or disheveled office? Not to worry!

These quick and easy improvements will completely change your office environment for the better!

Can “blue lights” & lighting affect office decor?

All office have either computers, phones, or tablets. These devices are notorious for giving off “blue light” that can be rough on the human body. “Blue light” can make eyes more tired faster and can affect sleep patterns.

Avoiding technology in the office is not entirely possible in our day and age. Luckily, we can adjust our surroundings to lessen the impact of “blue lights” effects on the eyes.

The first is to improve natural lighting as much as possible. Move desks near windows or glass walls where sunlight pours in. Invest in shades for hot days, but leave the choice to your workers.

If your office space doesn’t allow for natural lighting, then check out the best lamps for eyes. Minimizing eye strain is a great way to keep your employees healthy and productive.

Office decor is incredibly innovative!


Another way to help out your bustling employees is to buy some office plants.

Office plants add to office decor and give off oxygen to help with breathing. The real impressive key elements of office plants are they improve how well people work. Studies have shown that office plants increase memory retention by twenty percent!

There isn’t a better office than one with happy, healthy employees!


Colors are powerful tools for building the tone of a room.

Lighter pastel colors will usually encourage happiness or calmness. You can pair dark furniture with light paint to make your office decor or accents pop. Paint experts recommend pairing dark color paint with light colored furniture and vice versa.

Use colors to make your office emotionally healthy for your employees!

Office decor goes beyond simply being pretty trinkets. Little details like lighting, plants, and colors pack a serious punch when put together.

Get Started!

Get started with your office makeover.

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Don’t put off redecorating because of a neverending workload. Your future you will thank you!