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In our digitally-laden world, it’s hard to believe how much power print still holds. We will be the first to tell you that print will always have a place in the office, in the mailbox, and yes, in decision making. Print materials are still garnering attention. Perhaps, it’s because of constant screens.

The tangibility of print cannot be ignored. There’s a very deep and real connection that coincides with the ability to touch and hold something. Print is no different!

Research conducted by The Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University examined how brain activity differed when participants were exposed to advertisements in both print and digital format. The study found that “printed material created deeper impressions on the brain” and that the “brain perceives physical material to be more genuine”.

In a focus group study performed by Quad/Graphics, there were more statistics indicating a strong predilection towards print materials. In fact, print advertising that resulted in the most interest was:

  • Direct Mail: 77%
  • Retail Inserts: 73%
  • Catalogs: 54%
  • Magazines: 51%

Color is as mental as it is visual. Each color resonates with us differently. Imagine how your business can use color to take charge and become the voice of authority for your industry. Need some inspiration? Check out these fun, colorful facts:

  • Blue is the most popular color. It’s no wonder so many people claim this calming hue as their favorite.
  • Pink is calming, and used to calm and tamper anger. Did you know that some anger management offices are painted an easy-on-the-eyes pink?
  • Red is the first color a baby sees. This bold color permeates before the rest follow!
  • The safest color car is said to be white. Stay safe out on the roads, no matter what color your vehicle is!
  • Yellow and Red add up to hunger! It’s no wonder popular food chains like McDonalds are using it as their color scheme.

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