Growing Your Business the Right Way

, Blog, CopyLady, CopyLadyIt’s pretty safe to say that business success is measured by growth. However, what’s rarely discussed is how to get there. Growth is a finicky friend, especially for new or young small businesses.

When you begin your business, your main goal is to grow it by any means possible. What many small businesses find though, is that it’s not just about growth, it’s about smart growth.

As your clientele expands, more cogs in the wheel appear; a larger office is needed, new employees are hired, technology needs to be updated. We are by no means condemning growth but we understand how the excitement builds into an overwhelming sense of “How will I accomplish this?”

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Calculate TCO in 4 Easy Steps

The New Year is a time to consider your business and redefine your success. Part of this review is identifying costs in the office. Aside from finances, income, and profit, we ask that you consider the cost of your equipment as well. Have you heard of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? This is an easy tool that can help you calculate the total cost of your printer.

With some help, CopyLady is breaking down the math into bite-sized pieces so you can easily manage your TCO.

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Giving Thanks in Southwest Florida

Giving Thanks in Southwest Florida

We don’t know about you, but this is our favorite time of year.

November and December gives us the opportunity to reflect, thank, show gratitude, and grow personally and professionally. It’s been a long, exciting year full of new experiences, new professional relationships, and sales, sales, sales.

We would like to pass on what we’re thankful for here in beautiful southwest Florida. CopyLady, Inc. would not be where we are today without our incredible team. They put in the hours of hard work and high-quality of customer service that’s needed to dominate the market on the coast.

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4 Scary Mistakes Businesses Should Never Make

, Blog, CopyLady, CopyLadyHalloween definitely showcases one human feature; we like to be scared. We enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket up to our nose; we’re drawn to the creepy crawlies and creaked doors. If it’s on screen or playing dress up, we love it! We don’t, however, like the real scary things that can plague us in the office and follow us home.

In the spirit of Halloween, we are highlighting four mistakes businesses should never make! Keep the ghouls and goblins out of the office this Halloween.

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Business Holiday Do’s and Dont’s

, Blog, CopyLady, CopyLadyDon’t be fooled by the southwest Florida heat and sun, the holiday’s are just around the corner.

The time to start your holiday preparations is now! However, there are some professional do’s and dont’s every business should avoid this holiday season.

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4 Paper Facts You Won’t Believe

4 Paper Facts You Won’t Believe

There are two sides to every story.

Unsurprisingly, the same goes for paper.

The environmental sustainability movement of the 21st century has facilitated incredible awareness, green initiatives, and is working tirelessly to take a few steps back so that we can take farther leaps forward. However, there are two sides to the movement and one of them is not being very fair to paper.

Paper is the leading medium for communication. Even in our digitally-laden world, print is versatile, effective, and the most trustworthy option–not to mention aesthetically pleasing!

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3 Print Myths, Busted!

One small shift in day-to-day waste can make all the difference.

Catherine Greener, VP of Sustainability Consulting at Saatchi & Saatchi, addresses the need for action on an individual and corporate level.

“The real revolution begins with us. We have to adjust our own behavior in what we think and what we do. Start with a personal sustainability project. Engage your employees and your families. Choose one issue and change it for a month. For example, begin to use cloth napkins rather than paper. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles.”

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5 Tips to Dominate Your Next Networking Event

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community (n): the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

The definition may be simple, but within those letters is passion, connection, and an incredible source of helping hands.

Southwest Florida is a tight-knit community, personally and professionally. Are you doing your part to stay connected? Is your business a part of the Chamber? Are you getting your message out there?

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3 Ways to Cut Costs in the Office

“Digital,” it’s a word that’s become overused in the past decade. Overused, yes, but not untrue. We are living and working in one of the most interesting time ever recorded. There is a monumental shift between digital and hard-copy, a marriage between technology and print. Paper’s not gone, but our use for it is shifting.

In fact, the cost of printing continues to increase at a rate of 26% year on year. That’s a daunting figure, but you can decrease it right in your office. Living in these digital days has given us the opportunity to adapt with technology, processes, and discover new, easily implemented ways to reduce costs.

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Beware of Pirates!

For years telemarketers have preyed upon unsuspecting consumers by selling office supplies, particularly photocopier toner, over the telephone. In the typical “toner phoner” scam, the salesperson contacts the potential customer, and will often speak to your receptionist or an employee not necessarily familiar with your company’s purchasing policies.

Many times, the salesperson will represent himself or herself as an employee of CopyLady Inc. in order to gain trust. The salesperson might state that a sale or special promotion is about to
end, and if the employee would simply provide the make and serial number of the copier(s), then your company can place an order for toner before the sale or promotion expires. However, because CopyLady Inc. prefers to maintain good customer relations through direct contact whenever possible, we do not charge for toner when you have a service contract through CopyLady and we will never contact you to sell supplies.

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