Small Companies Highly Value Ease of Use

Compared to larger companies, small companies consider ease of use to be a top criterion for selecting a product or vendor for their organization. This blog post will discuss that trend, as well as how it ties into the procurement of print devices and services. Ease...

How to Ensure Your Copier is HIPAA Compliant

Is your copier HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA regulations are strict and unforgiving. Of course, this is all in good reason. HIPAA protects an individual’s right to privacy. As mandated by law, individuals information must be highly secured.

So, how can you ensure your copier is HIPAA compliant? There are a few ways to ensure that your copier is secure.

3 Tips to Win Over Clients Who are on the Fence

Can you influence people to buy into your company?

“On-the-fence” is a tricky and unpredictable place. It’s arguably a nightmarish land for salespeople and playland for daredevils.

We want to equip you with our top three tips to walk into the scariest negotiations.