cost-efficient, Steps Towards a Cost-Efficient Office, CopyLady, CopyLady“Cost-efficient” has become synonymous with success. The question is on every business owner’s mind and it’s being asked over and over again. “How can I become cost-efficient without sacrificing the quality of my product or service.”

It’s both easier than you think, but more in depth than many will say. While there are steps to take and processes to implement, cost-efficiency is not an instant fix. As with any business initiative, becoming a greener, efficient office is a process.

CopyLady, Inc. is delving into 4 steps every business can take, regardless of industry, to become a happier, healthier, and cost-efficient office.


You’re probably sick of hearing the phrase “go digital” and “paperless”, but bear with us. Going digital is not just the future of business, it’s also cost-efficient. While we believe that paper will never be completely gone, using less paper bodes well for the environment and your wallet.

Innovations (another word you’re probably tired of hearing) is making it easier for businesses to really dive into the digital world! Shifting into a paperless office isn’t instant, it’s a process that may seem tedious but will get easier as time goes on.

Hire Smart

Hiring good people sounds obvious but many businesses simply settle for average work ethics for the sake of time. The hiring process is extensive to begin with, but taking the time to invest a little more time and effort into the interview process will weed out the detritus so your company can choose a blossom.

Choose people that are pleasant to be around. After all, “You get more with sugar.”

Happy customers work in tandem with a happy business. Hiring good employees reduces turnaround, creating less strain on Human Resources and eliminates the pain of going through the hiring process all over again. Create an environment that feels more like family and friends than just work.

Invest Today, Save Tomorrow

The age-old adage, “You get what you pay for,” may be a cliche but it doesn’t make it any less true. When it comes to office equipment, cutting corners on price is the first cost-cutting initiatives that business turn towards, however it’s hurting more than it’s helping. We understand that hefty price tags are panic-inducing but consider it an investment for your success. When it comes to printers, for example, it makes more financial sense to invest in a multifunction device that include copy, print, fax, scan and a host of features versus a black and white printer that’s only used a couple times a week.

Consider the size and scope of your business, divulge your goals and invest in your future. Pricier equipment includes more than just the features you desire. Many of these printers include green initiatives such as energy savers, automation, and much more.

Invest in Your Business

It’s easy to get stuck in routines and re-up for the same insurance and policies as all the years before. This year, however, we implore you to take a step back and reevaluate the contracts you’ve been signing.

Growth and change is a natural progression of a business. You may be signed up for a specific policy or clause that you may no longer need. On the other side, you may need to invest more into your insurance. Meeting with an independent agent may give you a new perspective of your current policies.

Becoming Cost-Efficient with CopyLady

The team at CopyLady works with your business in mind. As a service provider, it’s our goal to ensure that our customers are more than happy. We want you to move towards success. If you have any questions about shifting towards a digital landscape, Managed Print Services, or any other of our cost-saving initiatives, contact us today!