Can you influence people to buy into your company?

“On-the-fence” is a tricky and unpredictable place. It’s arguably a nightmarish land for salespeople and playland for daredevils.

We want to equip you with our top three tips to walk into the scariest negotiations.

Tip #1 Use the Persuasion Slide

This isn’t your ordinary slide.

A Persuasion Slide is built for the purpose of winning over clients who are hesitating. This technique helps you influence people in a linear way.

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First, you’ll nudge your client’s attention. Utilize social media platforms or send out an email to get their initial attention. For some, this could be the most difficult part.

Once you’ve sparked up the client’s motivation, it is all downhill from there. Now, your client is listening. You’ll want to have a perfectly crafted pitch to convince them about why your company aligns with their needs.

Be sure to answer their hesitations!

Think about the details, and orchestrate your terminology. Your argument will angle your client to slide in the right direction–toward your business and off the fence!

To really secure a hesitant client, pose good arguments. Counter concerns with truthful and irrefutable responses. Try to avoid arguments.

Only 36% of clients trust large corporations, and half of Americans don’t believe small companies will do the right thing!

Prove that you are a trustworthy business and that your brand name is reputable. Establishing credibility will make the ride down the slide smoother.

Tip #2 Listen

It becomes so easy to get caught up in trying to convince a client about your company that you forget to listen.

Listen to their concerns and desires. Let them speak more. Reiterate what they are saying to show you were listening. Your goal is to show your client that you care about their needs.

Be optimistic about their endgame. Put yourself in their shoes. Allow the bond to flourish, then take the steps to nourish that connection.

Tip #3 Make It Important!

If you’re struggling with a sale, pull out all the stops!

Influence people by referencing fundamental needs like food, water, safety. You can touch on cravings for love, intimacy, or friendship. Utilize your understanding of being a human being in your pitch. Talk about how you and your company will help your clients achieve their goals!

Shoot to answer clients number one question: Why should I care?

Knowing your company and having the evidence to prove what your saying strengthens your credibility. This helps your clients down the Persuasion Slide.

Copylady Cares

We’ve spent many years working on proving to our clients that we care. Our services are specifically designed to cater to their needs. We want to exceed their desires, expectations, and more. When the going gets tough, we guarantee a two-hour service response because we want to keep our client’s and their businesses up and running!