copy machine, 3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Office Needs a New Copy Machine, CopyLady, CopyLadyThere’s something so refreshing about the new year. It’s a time of renewal—everyone breathes in the fresh air and can turn a new leaf personally and professionally.

If you feel sound in your shoes, look around and find areas that could use a loving touch and some improvement.

One of the most common areas of improvement is not in your home, but at the office, more specifically its equipment.

If your copy machine is still stuck in 1997, give it some much needed attention and bring it to 2018.

If these three common signs it’s time for a replacement sound familiar, it’s time to update the office.

1. Inefficiency and Slow Speeds

If you spend more time standing in front of the machine waiting for copies, it could be more than a performance issue. Copiers that have a heavy workload often need additionally maintenance to keep up the pace. In fact, some need replacement as soon as 2 years from its installation date.

Be aware of any changes in copier speeds and listen for consistent employee complaints.

Also consider inefficiency outside of the copier as well. Older copiers tend to use more energy than their more sustainable counterparts. Energy Star certified copiers reduce your office’s carbon footprint and saves energy without sacrificing workflow.

New copiers are being built every year with the latest technology and speeds. Investing now will save you time and energy later.

2. Cost-Eating Tendencies

When your financial team goes through the budget, they should be paying close attention to in-house costs. Keep an eye on electricity bills, toners, inks, and any other areas where cost efficiency may be a factor.

If your team is seeing an influx of costs, a new copier may not seem like the best financial decision but in the long run it may just save you money!

The latest copiers are built with sustainability in mind, saving you energy and electricity with sleep modes and smart features. You can also save on the costly items like ink and toner with bulk deals or lease promotions. CopyLady even offers special deals!

3. Little (Or No) Security

Increases in cyber hacking has reaffirmed today’s need for enhanced security. Many organizations have taken precautionary measures to ensure their computer’s safety, but that same vigor can’t be said for office equipment.

Copiers and printers can also be hacked from outside sources looking for information. Older copiers were not built with the same technology as today’s. New copiers have enhanced security measures including the option for passcode protection.

Protect your company and client’s information by choosing a modern copier with the security your customers deserve. Trust us, you won’t be sorry.

Ringing in 2018 with CopyLady

We are excited to be ending another successful year. We’d like to thank all of our partners, loyal customers, and new friends for making 2017 our best year yet. We have some exciting things planned for 2018 so watch out southwest Florida!