3 Print Myths, Busted!

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One small shift in day-to-day waste can make all the difference.

Catherine Greener, VP of Sustainability Consulting at Saatchi & Saatchi, addresses the need for action on an individual and corporate level.

“The real revolution begins with us. We have to adjust our own behavior in what we think and what we do. Start with a personal sustainability project. Engage your employees and your families. Choose one issue and change it for a month. For example, begin to use cloth napkins rather than paper. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles.”

Contrary to popular belief, print is not the culprit everyone thinks it is. In fact, responsible and sustainable printing is an asses to your business as well as the environment. Don’t believe inaccurate jargon! We’re getting the facts and separating fact from fiction.

Myth #1: “Print is bad for the environment.


Paper is one of the few sustainable products we have. We consume so many things in great quantities but unlike oil or fossil fuels, paper products are harvested responsibly in maintained, managed forests.

Since our much-needed environmental conscious “boom!” procedures have been put in place to ensure that forests are not depleted due to high paper consumption. For every tree that’s cut, several are planted. Not only is this sustainable, but young trees also do wonders for our clean air! Not too shabby!

Myth #2: “Paper destroys forests.

Wrong! Try Again.

Paper is not the reason our forests are shrinking. According to the USDA Forest ServiceFour million trees are planted everyday in the United States. Of this amount, the wood and paper products industry plants on average 1.7 million trees daily.” 

Thanks to sustainable practices from businesses, conscientious citizens, and Forest services, forests in the United States are expanding.

Myth #3: “Producing Paper eats up Fossil Fuels and is a needless waste of energy.

This was true decades ago but remember that environmental conscious “boom” we talked about earlier. That has fueled a newfound respect for our environment. Companies all over the world have made enormous strides to create a sustainable product from renewable sources.

Busting Print Myths in SWFL

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admin3 Print Myths, Busted!