How to Order Your First Print Job

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Are you planning a special event that requires flyers? Are you’re having a ceremony that requires pamphlets with a list of names? You can order a print job for: brochures, flyers, letterheads, pamphlets, and more. Different print jobs are helpful for different events or businesses. But what if you’ve never ordered a print job before? You’ve come to the right …

Cynthia DuffHow to Order Your First Print Job

The Psychology of Color

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The human brain is a fickle thing. What may be grating to one person may be pleasing to another. The same goes with the psychology of color. Color means more to your marketing than you may think. Researchers found that 90 percent of “snap judgements” on certain products are based, simply, on color. Now that you know the ins and …

Cynthia DuffThe Psychology of Color

Empower Your Business with Productivity

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We’re counting our blessing post-Irma. We’re back in the office and our day-to-day operations have never been better. As we settle in and get ready for the long haul, it leaves us noticing the cracks of inefficiency and lack of productivity during the day. Every business has areas of opportunity, small minutes of waste that add up to hours throughout …

Cynthia DuffEmpower Your Business with Productivity

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Small Businesses

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If Hurricane Irma has taught us anything, it’s the importance of preparation. As the storm formed in the Atlantic, most Floridians didn’t bat an eye. Years and years of “getting lucky” caused homeowners and business owners to get lazy when it came to insuring and protecting their most precious belongings. While damaging, Hurricane Irma didn’t cause the catastrophic damage that …

Cynthia DuffDisaster Preparedness Tips for Small Businesses

Steps Towards a Cost-Efficient Office

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“Cost-efficient” has become synonymous with success. The question is on every business owner’s mind and it’s being asked over and over again. “How can I become cost-efficient without sacrificing the quality of my product or service.” It’s both easier than you think, but more in depth than many will say. While there are steps to take and processes to implement, …

Cynthia DuffSteps Towards a Cost-Efficient Office

4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services deliver streamlined processes directly to your office. Experience the four benefits that have everyone switching to Managed IT Services. Cost-Efficient Manage your IT Services from one platform. Experience the ease of having everything you need in one place. CopyLady’s Managed IT Services include: Server Monitoring and Care Desktop Monitoring and Care Mobile Device Management Network and Security …

Cynthia Duff4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

The Great Customer Service Experience

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Customer Service.  Depending on your past experiences, the term can give you chills or bring a smile to your face. Regardless of your past experience, the future looks bright! The customer is an integral portion of your businesses success and future. Meeting sale quotas pushes your business forward but you can’t forget about the customer experience. Who says that you …

Cynthia DuffThe Great Customer Service Experience

Growing Your Business the Right Way

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It’s pretty safe to say that business success is measured by growth. However, what’s rarely discussed is how to get there. Growth is a finicky friend, especially for new or young small businesses. When you begin your business, your main goal is to grow it by any means possible. What many small businesses find though, is that it’s not just …

Cynthia DuffGrowing Your Business the Right Way

Calculate TCO in 4 Easy Steps

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The New Year is a time to consider your business and redefine your success. Part of this review is identifying costs in the office. Aside from finances, income, and profit, we ask that you consider the cost of your equipment as well. Have you heard of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? This is an easy tool that can help you …

Cynthia DuffCalculate TCO in 4 Easy Steps

Business Holiday Do’s and Dont’s

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Don’t be fooled by the southwest Florida heat and sun, the holiday’s are just around the corner. The time to start your holiday preparations is now! However, there are some professional do’s and dont’s every business should avoid this holiday season. Holiday-Specific Promotions It’s the season of giving! Get into the spirit of the holidays with festive giveaways, offers, or …

Cynthia DuffBusiness Holiday Do’s and Dont’s