Print is Here to Stay

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Wanna hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it’s tearable! Now that’s a funny joke. However, many people think it’s paper that’s the joke. While we are inundated with screens and digital spheres, that doesn’t mean that paper is going anywhere. Just the opposite, in fact! We’ve discussed it before but we’d like to revisit the facts, discuss exciting changes in …

Cynthia DuffPrint is Here to Stay

Beware of Pirates!

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For years telemarketers have preyed upon unsuspecting consumers by selling office supplies, particularly photocopier toner, over the telephone. In the typical “toner phoner” scam, the salesperson contacts the potential customer, and will often speak to your receptionist or an employee not necessarily familiar with your company’s purchasing policies. Many times, the salesperson will represent himself or herself as an employee …

Cynthia DuffBeware of Pirates!

Making Your Web Presence A Lead Generation Engine

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Recently CopyLady went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to be a part of the 2015 ITEX Conference and Expo. It was an incredible experience full of learning, laughs, and seminars. Cynthia Duff of CopyLady, Inc. teamed up with Albert Arguelles of iPartnerMedia, Inc. to discuss the importance of a solid web presence, particularly for lead generation purposes.  If you missed our …

Cynthia DuffMaking Your Web Presence A Lead Generation Engine

Florida Weekly’s Leaders of Distinction

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Congratulations to our very own Cynthia Duff for being one of Florida Weekly’s Leaders of Distinction 2014! Cynthia Duff is the President of CopyLady, Inc. and included in Florida Weekly’s August Leaders of Distinction. This hardworking mom of two has been working in Lee County for 18 years and has made a big impression in Southwest Florida’s office and print industry. …

Cynthia DuffFlorida Weekly’s Leaders of Distinction