Beware of Pirates!

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For years telemarketers have preyed upon unsuspecting consumers by selling office supplies, particularly photocopier toner, over the telephone. In the typical “toner phoner” scam, the salesperson contacts the potential customer, and will often speak to your receptionist or an employee not necessarily familiar with your company’s purchasing policies.

Many times, the salesperson will represent himself or herself as an employee of CopyLady Inc. in order to gain trust. The salesperson might state that a sale or special promotion is about to
end, and if the employee would simply provide the make and serial number of the copier(s), then your company can place an order for toner before the sale or promotion expires. However, because CopyLady Inc. prefers to maintain good customer relations through direct contact whenever possible, we do not charge for toner when you have a service contract through CopyLady and we will never contact you to sell supplies.

The very fact that someone is attempting to sell your company toner over the phone should be a tip that the call may not be legitimate. Particularly when the salesperson purports to be calling from your normal toner supplier, it is easy to understand how an unsuspecting employee might be inclined to oblige without realizing what is truly happening. The salesperson might call again to confirm the order and the proper shipping address. Sometime thereafter, a shipment for toner will arrive with an invoice bearing a price for greater than that which your company normally pays for toner when you buy it from CopyLady Inc.

The purpose of this post is to make you and your employees aware that “toner phoners” are out there, and they are constantly devising new ways to obtain information about your copiers in order to make a sale. Some of these salespeople will stop at nothing to close a sale or obtain payment for a shipment, making threats and abusive remarks to your employees. Obviously, CopyLady Inc. would never engage in such tactics in order to maintain your valuable business.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and we are here to help. If a “toner phoner” ever contacts one of your employees, please contact us right away. You should also contact Business Technology Association at (800) 869-6688, for guidance and advice about reporting any incidents. We are members of BTA, and closely adhere to the organization’s foundation of service and integrity to the industry. It is important that you report these incidents to the proper authorities right away so that these fraudulent telemarketers can be stopped.

kluftBeware of Pirates!