4 Scary Mistakes Businesses Should Never Make

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copylady-blog-october-2016Halloween definitely showcases one human feature; we like to be scared. We enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket up to our nose; we’re drawn to the creepy crawlies and creaked doors. If it’s on screen or playing dress up, we love it! We don’t, however, like the real scary things that can plague us in the office and follow us home.

In the spirit of Halloween, we are highlighting four mistakes businesses should never make! Keep the ghouls and goblins out of the office this Halloween.

Beware of Scams

Telemarketers have been wreaking havoc on unsuspecting consumers for years. Avoid “toner-phoner” scams by staying vigilant in the office and on the phone. If you ever receive a call from someone claiming to be a service provider, do not give them any of your information. Telemarketers pose as office equipment suppliers and dealers, hunting for your credit card number. Don’t give it to them. Remember, if it’s not a member of our team, it’s a scam!

Negate Networking

Networking should not be ignored, especially in southwest Florida. Even if you’re not the most social person on the planet, networking is an unparalleled opportunity to grow your busines. Enjoy a fun evening of drinks and discussion or wake up with the early birds for coffee and conversation. Networking is one of the most important things you can do to grow as a professional. Build relationships with other partners and businesses in the community.

Print is Dead?

No need to call Dr. Frankenstein, print is alive and well! From the screen in our homes, to the slightly smaller one in our pockets, we are surrounded by technology that is redefining the way we communicate. We may reach for our phones first, but that doesn’t mean paper and print is out of a job! Print is not dead, it’s adapting. Don’t forget to include print into your marketing mix and every day operations.

Haunting the Environment

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a clean, green future. Innovations in technology have created sustainable opportunities in every area, including the office. Choose an energy-efficient device to save money and lower your carbon foot print. Reach for the stars, Energy Star that is! Upgrade your old machines with Energy Star products that will fit the bill of environmental consciousness!

Who You Gonna Call? CopyLady!

If you’re feeling a chill of dread in the air that’s not related to Halloween, then give us a call. CopyLady is focusing on the treats instead of the tricks! Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers get the best service, guaranteed. We are more than just an office equipment dealer, we’re a full-service solution provider. CopyLady is here for all of your southwest Florida office needs!

Stay cautious and thoughtful with a catalog of environmentally friendly office equipment.

admin4 Scary Mistakes Businesses Should Never Make