5 Tips to Dominate Your Next Networking Event

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community (n): the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

The definition may be simple, but within those letters is passion, connection, and an incredible source of helping hands.

Southwest Florida is a tight-knit community, personally and professionally. Are you doing your part to stay connected? Is your business a part of the Chamber? Are you getting your message out there?

Networking is not the droll events that some people think. They’re proactive sessions with your peers, and you know what? They’re fun!

Networking is one of the most important things you can do to grow as a professional. Build relationships with other partners and businesses in the community. Create connections and let’s work together to help our economy thrive.

Dominate your next networking event by trying these 5 fast tips!

The Gift of Gab

Hearing about anything through “word of mouth” elicits incredible response. When you’re recommended anything through a trusted friend or family member, you’re more likely to go towards that direction. Networking is an incredible tool to spread your business through the gift of gab!

Think of everyone as a potential candidate to spread your business!

Confidence Goes a Long Way

Don’t be afraid to jump in feet first! Attending networking events will help you gain confidence! If presenting doesn’t come naturally to you, use networking to help you hone your skills. There is no better way to gain confidence in yourself and your business than surrounding yourself with others who are just as passionate about their business.

Stay Connected 

According to Forbes, “Your net worth is only as good as your network.”

It’s not just one event. Make sure you stay connected and active in your community. Networking should be proactive and rewarding. Spreading your business and finding others in the process leads to building and strengthening relationships within and outside your community.

Be Passionate

Show your passion for your business and the community. Enthusiasm is contagious. Let your love for your business shine through in conversation, actions, and encourage others to share their own passion, whatever it may be!

There’s no gift greater than the good conversation with great people.


Your smile is the first thing that a potential partner sees. Show your pearly whites and be the welcoming network Guru you were always meant to be. Simply smiling can put an anxious tradeshow goer at ease, make them feel welcome, and encourage conversation.

Living in sunny southwest Florida gives us so many reasons to smile!

Spread the Party!

Stay current and connected with the latest networking events in southwest Florida by checking out the various events put together by the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce. Every month, the chamber hosts after-hours events, tradeshows, and many other fun events!

CopyLady is dedicated to supporting the businesses in our local community. Southwest Florida is the perfect climate personally, professionally, and economically! Let’s keep it that way!

admin5 Tips to Dominate Your Next Networking Event