4 Paper Facts You Won’t Believe

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4 Paper Facts You Won’t Believe

There are two sides to every story.

Unsurprisingly, the same goes for paper.

The environmental sustainability movement of the 21st century has facilitated incredible awareness, green initiatives, and is working tirelessly to take a few steps back so that we can take farther leaps forward. However, there are two sides to the movement and one of them is not being very fair to paper.

Paper is the leading medium for communication. Even in our digitally-laden world, print is versatile, effective, and the most trustworthy option–not to mention aesthetically pleasing!

So, sit back, relax, and see how a rich history and a sustainable future is reconstructing misconstructions about paper and print.

Fact 1: Paper is old! Really old!

Paper is one of our oldest resources. It’s been around for over 2000 years. The word “paper” comes from the plant, papyrus. While the plant created a paper-like material that was widely used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the paper that we know traces back to China in 105AD. T’sai Lun is credited as the first “paper maker.”

Want to learn more about the History of Paper? Check out this infographic!

Fact 2: Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world. 

Paper is feather-light, durable, and easily recycled. Tracking paper recovery rates started in 1990 and since then recycling has increased exponentially. Simply put, it’s easy! It doesn’t take much effort to put out a separate bin next to the copier for used pages.

In fact, In 2013, 50 million tons or 63.5% of the paper used in the United States was recovered for recycling. This is far higher than the 28% of glass and 9% of plastic recovered. In Canada 73% of the paper is recovered.

That’s a lot of paper!

Fact 3: Making Paper Doesn’t Take a Lot of Energy

Did you know that over 65% of the total energy used by North American pulp and paper facilities comes from a renewable forest biomass? 

According to the American Forest & Paper Association, Wood stores carbon indefinitely, even as a finished product, helping to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions over the long term. Growing trees also releases oxygen into the atmosphere, thereby supporting life on our planet.

Every industry uses energy. In terms of greenhouse gas emission, the paper industry is at the bottom of the list for unsustainable practices.

Fact 4: Paper Production Supports Sustainable Practices

You know what they say, “you buy from who you like.” The same goes with paper. Paper manufacturers are not the conniving, power-hungry professionals that the naysayers want you to believe. They are people that are part of this world just like us. Paper manufacturers promote sustainability by choosing certified wood fiber and sustainable forests.

According to the USDA Forest Service, Over the last six decades, the net total U.S. forest area has increased by over 3% and the net volume of trees on timberland has increased by 58%. In Canada, the forest cover has remained stable over the last two decades and less than 0.5% of Canada’s forest resource is harvested each year.

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