Beware of Pirates!

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For years telemarketers have preyed upon unsuspecting consumers by selling office supplies, particularly photocopier toner, over the telephone. In the typical “toner phoner” scam, the salesperson contacts the potential customer, and will often speak to your receptionist or an employee not necessarily familiar with your company’s purchasing policies. Many times, the salesperson will represent himself or herself as an employee …

Cynthia DuffBeware of Pirates!

6 Tips to Stay Green in SWFL

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It’s easy to be green with CopyLady! April is a bright and green month in southwest Florida. Between the sunny weather, Earth Day, and Arbor Day, we certainly have the environment on our mind. You don’t have to leave the office to go green. In fact, some of the best things we can do for our environment start at your …

Cynthia Duff6 Tips to Stay Green in SWFL