3 Ways to Cut Costs in the Office

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“Digital,” it’s a word that’s become overused in the past decade. Overused, yes, but not untrue. We are living and working in one of the most interesting time ever recorded. There is a monumental shift between digital and hard-copy, a marriage between technology and print. Paper’s not gone, but our use for it is shifting.

In fact, the cost of printing continues to increase at a rate of 26% year on year. That’s a daunting figure, but you can decrease it right in your office. Living in these digital days has given us the opportunity to adapt with technology, processes, and discover new, easily implemented ways to reduce costs.

CopyLady is offering the opportunity to cut costs, save time, and improve productivity with these solutions for an affordable office that won’t have to sacrifice quality.

Digitize and Re-Prioritize

The days of a paper-laden office are nearly gone. That’s not to say that we’re not using paper, just how much of it we’re using. We live in digital days and, as such, our offices are changing. Digitizing reports, documents, and records are not only a modern advantage, but it’s a cost-efficient one as well.

If you’re office still rely on a paper-heavy process, look into digital alternatives. Save time and money by investing in new technologies that will benefit the whole team. Adapt with the times, not against them.


According to the Info-Tech Research Group, “Organisations can save as much as 65% of total printing costs through printer consolidation, making this a very compelling savings initiative.” Consolidation and cohesion is the first step towards a fully functioning office. Invest in long-term, smart office initiatives like Managed Print Services (MPS) to really take advantage of savings in the office.

CopyLady evaluates your printing structure, office, and workload to assess your print environment. This vital information helps identify problem areas and subsequent solutions. Contact us for an assessment today!

Continue the Learning Curve

Are you keeping your employees in the loop? There is never an end to training. Processes change, new technology is released, and your office swells and thins out depending on your environment. Ensure that everyone is on the same page to solidify structure and efficient processes.

Whenever there’s a change or shift in the workplace, hold training for you and your staff to answer questions and update them on new services, functions, etc. An office that works together, stays together.

Move to the Fast Lane, SWFL

CopyLady is putting the pedal to the metal! Our team is dedicated to providing fast, efficient services to southwest Florida. We are currently serving Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, and beyond. Don’t get left in the dust, and don’t sacrifice high-cost for unsatisfactory service. Choose CopyLady and get affordable solutions for your business.

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admin3 Ways to Cut Costs in the Office